Large Vinyl Banner

Large Vinyl Banner

Enviomentaly Safe Product

Mesh Banner With Standard Hems and Grommets

Custom Design Avalible

Custom Design Avalible

  • Full Color Printed Banners: Whether used indoors or out, banners are the key to providing a professional and versatile means of advertisement and graphical display. Our full color banners are digitally printed using a 6-color process with UV-treated ink for outdoor durability. They can be manufactured to virtually any size from many different media types in a wide variety of configurations. We can print banners up to 8’ wide without seams.

  • Pole Banners : Pole banners are a great way to publicly display graphics along city streets. They can be used for advertisement, to showcase events, or simply as a part of seasonal decor. They can be printed with virtually any design, can even be fitted with decorative tails. They can be fastened to almost any light pole using our pole banner brackets.

  • Architectural Banners : Architectural banners are an eye-catching form of signage that can give your business a more sophisticated look. Although durable enough to be used year-round, they offer the flexibility of being able to be changed out for advertising specific sales during the course of the year.

  • Flag Banners : Go up quick and have been proven to grab attention. Weekend promotions or product specials, this easy to setup banner drives customers to the door.
  • 13oz Banner Vinyl: Our 13oz reinforced banner vinyl is a durable and flexible material that is weather-resistant to suit almost any indoor or outdoor application. Available in gloss or matte up to 8’ wide without seams.

  • Bioflex Banner is a biodegradable product that is landfill friendly with the same quality characteristics of standard vinyl with a smoother finish. This product is a perfect match for environmentally conscious consumers. Here are some of the key notes..

    • 80% non-petroleum
    • Does not release toxins
    • Oil and chemical resistant
    • Resists sunlight and rain                                        For more information --BioFlex Specs and Info--

  • Vinyl Mesh: Our vinyl mesh material is perfect for situations that require air, light, or sound to flow through your banner. This material is commonly used for fence wraps and hanging in windy locations.

  • Weathertyte Designer Vinyl: Weathertyte is a 16oz reinforced vinyl material that was designed with the look and feel of a textured fabric. It provides more of an upscale appearance than that of standard banner vinyl.. Available up to 72” wide without seams.

  • Backlit Vinyl: This 20oz. translucent vinyl fabric is the perfect solution for backlit prints. This can be used on backlit awnings and signs.

  • Sunbrella Canvas: This is a woven acrylic fabric with a natural canvas appearance. It offers a long life span outdoors, and indoors. A large selection of colored Sunbrella can be painted on for a more artistic look. Available up to 58” wide.

  • Poly Oxford: This lightweight polyester fabric has a natural woven textile appearance that provides excellent graphic detail and color. It offers a great life span outdoors, and an even longer indoors. This is a versatile material that excels in indoor displays or an upscale presentation.

Hems and Grommets

         Below are just some of the many finishing options for our banners. They are all sewn with an awning-grade UV-treated thread using a lock stitch machine for maximum outdoor durability.

  • Hems & Grommets: The most popular method for hanging banners. Brass grommets are placed into a 1” hem that is sewn into the perimeter of the banner. This provides much better outdoor durability than with taped hems, or those without hems altogether. Hems and Grommets come standard and grommets are typically placed every 2’-3’ top and bottom.

  • Hems & Rope: 3/16" Diamond braid polypropylene rope is sewn into the top and bottom hems of each banner.  5' of rope extends from each end and grommets can be placed below the rope into the hems.  This construction method is good for medium sized banners secured between posts.

  • Webbing & D-Rings: This is our strongest banner fabrication technique. Your choice of 1”, 1 ½”, or 2” nylon webbing is sewn with a double lock or chain stitch into the hems of the banner. Nickel plated steel D-Rings are placed on the corners of the banner for attaching. Grommets can also be installed into the webbing for extra hanging options. 

  • Pole Pockets: Pole pockets serve many purposes. The bottom pockets can be used to weigh the banner down. The top pockets, poles can be used carry the banner. Decorative pole ends can be used to enhance the look. Pole pockets can be made any size to accommodate your specific needs.

  • Wind Slits: Wind Slits are semi-circular cuts placed into a banner that help relieve some of the wind force that the banner exerts on the structure it is attached to. They are common on pole and oversized banners.

Hems and Rope

Webbing and

Pole Pockets

Wind Slits


  • Economy Banner Stands are an inexpensive and effective means of displaying your graphics. These banner stands can be assembled and disassembled in just minutes, and they are great for storefront advertisement and trade shows. They have the capacity to hold two banners 24” wide by 48” to 84” tall.
  • Banner Frames can be used indoors or out. They function to tension the banner while acting as a decorative border for your graphics.

  • Pole Bracket Kits are durable cast aluminum pole banner brackets (sometimes called Boulevard Brackets) are economical and easy to install. These quality brackets have been tested to winds up to 90 mph. They are available in two different sizes, both in double and single sided form; these brackets are made to suit your needs. Set comes with two pole brackets, two poles with caps, and four stainless steel band clamps.

  • A-Frame Stands make a sidewalk become advertising space. With quick change panels and bright graphics this product will pay for it self with new customer attention. There are a variety of styles available.